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17 Affirmations For Happiness To Live A Joyous and Fulfilled Life

Bring joy into your life with these affirmations for happiness that will brighten your day. Every day brings new opportunities to grow and learn.

You deserve happiness! Use these affirmations for inspiration that can help you achieve your goals, be more creative in the way you look at things around you, and become better able to recognize which aspects of life make it worth living every single day.

17 Affirmations For Happiness To Start Using Today

1. Happiness is my birth right.

Everybody deserves to be happy and free, including you. Nothing can take away this inherent right. Recognize what has always been yours and step into your worthiness now!

2. Feeling good is my highest priority.

Your feelings should matter to you. All of your feelings are valid, so process them with patience and grace. Do what feels best for you a love yourself through this process.

3. My potential is limitless.

From this point forward, do you best to see the joy and abundance available to you. Let go of any self inflicted restrictions and seek opportunities that fulfills your potential.

4. I use my imagination for positive creation.

Make the conscious decision to use your imagination to create something that benefits you rather than worrying about the worst that can happen. Spend your energy into manifesting happy instead of thinking the worst. Choose faith over fear and imagine the best.

5. I am ready to receive more laughter, joy and optimism in my life.

happiness affirmations

Make necessary time for play and laughter. Choose to be more joyful and practice more optimism in your thoughts.

6. Loving my life gets better everyday.

Enjoy the process and journey of learning how to enjoy life. It gets a little bit easier every day and you’ll become a bit more comfortable with the process too. Shift your focus to look for things to love.

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7. Happiness comes naturally to me when I let go of what no longer serves me.

Loosen your grip on the heaviness that weighs you down. Float back up to the surface where joy lives. Now, without restraint, be ready to embrace your true nature of relaxing happily in the present instead of holding tightly to the story of your past.

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8. My desires matter.

You are here to create an amazing life for yourself and the people around you. You owe it to yourself and the world to make the visions in your mind a reality! Know that your genuine desires are an important part of you and pursue them. 

9. I make time for happy moments throughout my day.

Include happiness as a part of your daily agenda. Consciously pencil in some time to encourage happy thoughts and expressions of gratitude. Make happiness a part of your daily routine from now on.

10. I don’t have to chase after happiness. I just need to let it in.

There’s absolutely nothing to chase. Your only job is to open your heart, ease your nervous mind and let happiness flow to and through you.

11. My well being is a top priority.

positive affirmations

Make it your intention to make feeling good a priority. If you had to choose between something that decreases your well being or something that feels better, choose what feels the best. Your well being matters and is reflected in the choices, priorities and actions you take on a daily.

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12. Good food nourishes my body and supports my joy.

Take in foods that optimize your health and well being. Making healthy choices can lead to a healthy mind with healthy thoughts. The more good food you put in your system, the easier it is to feel good naturally.

13. I don’t resist negativity. I just choose positivity instead.

affirmations for success

What you resist, persists. Pushing against anything is never easy. Instead of trying to push, cultivate more of what you want to do and focus your attention on that. Focus with the intention in the direction you want to go. 

14. I let my purpose lead the path to happiness.

The ideas, activities and goals that bring you happiness are directly tied to your purpose in life. To feel more fulfilled, follow the path that matches up with your values and principles.

15. I am willing to let go of any judgements in the name of joy.

affirmations for success

Be willing to let go of all judgements of yourself, the experiences in your life, your partner, friends, family, your body, your habits, your achievements, your thoughts, your mood, your progress, your circumstances and ultimately your life. 

If you are constantly rating and judging yourself, this only makes happiness difficult to create. Let these judgements slip away and create space for more loving perspectives to enter your mind.

16. My own free will is a gift that I will put to good use.

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In life, you always have choices. Utilize this superpower to take whatever action is most empowering for you in that moment. 

17. I’m already winning!

It’s impossible for you to lose in life because everything that happens is for your highest good. Even when you can’t see the reason or understand how. Choose to trust this universal truth. Everything happens for good reason, and you can still find a way to create happiness.

Which affirmations for happiness resonated most with you? Write them down.

We all deserve to live a happy life and be our best selves! We hope you go some value from today’s affirmations. What are some things that you want to do in order to bring more happiness into your life?

How can these affirmations help you achieve those goals? Remember that the key ingredient for being happier is acting on what makes us feel good!

Let us know your answers in the comments below.

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