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7 Best Pull-Up Assist Bands In 2022

Looking for the best pull-up assist bands in 2022? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best options on the market and help you decide which one is right for you.

Pull-up assist bands are a great way to increase your strength and endurance, and can be used by people of all levels of fitness. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s definitely a band out there for you!

What Are The Best Pull-up Assist Bands

1. Rubberbanditz

pull up assist bands

If you’re looking for a quality pull up assist band, Rubberbanditz is a great option. Their pull up bands are made from natural rubber latex and come in a variety of resistance levels to suit your needs.

These assistance bands even come with a supporting ebook with eight weeks of pull up challenges to get you started.

You can buy these pull up bands individually by the size and range or you can buy them as a kit.

So, there are many options to choose from for these pull up assist bands.

Key Features:

  • Rugged layered design – These assistance bands are made of premium, high quality latex and layered for extra durability, giving you a band that’s built to last.
  • Multiple uses – Not only can these be used for pull-ups, but you can also use these for many other exercises like muscle-ups, calisthenics, pole fitness, powerlifting, upper and lower body exercises, and stretching.
  • Extra stretch – Rubberbanditz pull up bands are constructed to stretch 2.5 times its resting length which allows you to gradually increase resistance as your strength improves.

Price: Start as low as $7.95 for individual resistance bands. But I highly recommend getting a combo kit.

This way, you have a few different bands to use as your strength increases.

Price for the kits: Range between $24.95 and 49.95

You can take the quiz here to find out which pull up assist band would work best for you.


  • Wide variety of resistance bands to choose from for your home workouts.
  • Online quiz to determine the perfect pull up band for you based on your current strength
  • Large selection of exercises and resources to help you customize your workouts
  • Great customer service


  • You will need to buy at least the combo set to get the most out of your workout

2. Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster Bands come in 8 different colors and can be purchased individually or as part of an entire set, which is perfect for starting off small with something that will grow alongside your training progress.

These are made from natural latex rubber which measure 41″ in length but varies in width, thickness, and overall resistance which makes it specialized for certain types of training you’re doing.

Price: Varies depending on if you purchase a set or individual band.

They have two packages if you’re interested in more than one band:

  • $80 – Which comes with 3 different bands – The bands in this package is Rogue’s heavy band which is made for more professional level athletes or fitness pros.
  • $68 – This set comes with 5 of the lighter bands. This is good for people who are just beginning or just needing to add a good level of resistance to their everyday workouts.


  • Different resistance levels
  • Very portable
  • Fast shipping
  • Great for any fitness level


  • A bit more expensive
  • Very tough material

3. DMoose Pull Up Bands

These pull up bands are also very affordable and a perfect fit for athletes who want to elevate their performance on the deadlift, powerlifting, and shoulder press training.

These bands are highly durable and environment-friendly, great for tricep, shoulder and chest exercises. Also doesn’t have any horrible chemical smells to these bands. So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative for the gym, these are a great pick.

Price: $49.99 for the complete set of 5 bands.


  • Various levels of adding more resistance which can help activate your muscles from shoulder to back and tone your body.
  • Soft on the skin – Made up of high quality natural latex to ensure maximum life, health, and safety during use.
  • Portable and compact – These take up virtually no space and can easily sling into your hand luggage or suitcase.
  • Versatile and flexible – You can safely use these exercise bands in the place of weights to add balance and coordination, which ultimately leads to quicker muscle growth.


  • It doesn’t come with many workout resources for you to make the most out of your workouts.

4. UnderSun Resistance Band Set

These assist bands come in 5 different levels offering up to 120lbs of resistance which are great for beginners. If you are a beginner, they have a mobile app equipped with a 90 day workout program that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Price: Range from $33.99 up to $83.95 for the band sets.

If you’re looking for a total body workout, they do have two different bundles that come with the 90 day workout program. These bundles are:

The Fat Burning and Body Tone Bundle – $109.95

Muscle Building Bundle – $119.95


  • Complete workout bundles designed to help you accomplish your goals
  • 90 day program with a year access
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • Not for advanced athletes who want higher levels of resistance
  • Bands doesn’t come with a carrying bag

5. TheFitLife Pull Up Resistance Band

These pull up assist bands include four levels of resistance of up to 175lbs. These would work great for beginners up to your everyday fitness buffs.

Price: $26.98 for the set.


  • Very affordable. So if you’re new to using a resistance band and don’t want to spend a lot of money in the beginning, these would be a great option.
  • Comes with a carry bag and user guide
  • Different resistance levels
  • Great for a wide range of fitness levels


  • Only offer a one year warranty

6. Rep Fitness Pull-Up Bands

These pull-up bands come in seven different sizes. So if you’re a beginner just getting started in improving your pull up technique, or you’re an advanced athlete, these assist bands will suit you great. You can buy these bands individually or as a set if you want multiple sizes.

Price: Starts at $9.99 for an individual band and goes up to $70 for the set.


  • Come in a variety of sizes which makes it great for adding different levels of resistance allowing you to customize your workouts
  • You are not restricted to just buying the set


  • The heaviest band doesn’t come as a set, so if you’re an advanced lifter, you will need to buy this separately

7. TRX Strength Bands

These full length bands can come as a set of 6 with resistance levels starting at 15lbs all the way up to 150lbs. So not quite for the more advanced pro looking for heavy resistance but great for all other fitness levels.

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You can also get these individually or as a set.

Price: $138.95 for the complete set. Individual bands start as low as $13.95.


  • You can save an additional 20% by becoming a member of the TRX club app, which comes with a library full of various workouts. This also comes with a trial.
  • Highly durable bands
  • Global community of 300,000
  • Up to 10 year warranty on their products


  • They are a bit pricey can give you access to a virtual gym led by certified TRX pros at any time.

What Are Pull-Up Assist Bands And What Do They Do?

Pull-up assist bands are a type of resistance band that can be used to help you perform pull-ups.

The bands are placed around your knees or ankles, and as you pull yourself up, the band provides resistance that helps to improve your form and technique.

The bands can also be used for other exercises, such as dips, chin-ups, and rows. When using the bands for pull-ups, it is important to start with a lower resistance band and gradually move up to a higher resistance band as your strength improves.

Final Thoughts

The best pull-up assist bands will depend on your individual needs and goals. If you are a beginner, look for a band with lower resistance levels. If you are an experienced athlete, you may want to consider a band with higher resistance levels.

So if you are looking for a way to take your pull-ups up a notch, consider investing in some good, quality pull-up assist bands.

Not only will these assist bands help you get stronger faster, but they can also help improve your technique. And with so many options on the market, you are sure to find a band that meets your needs and budget.

So there you have it, our list of the best pull-up assist bands. We hope you found this helpful and that it gives you a better idea of what to look for when choosing a resistance band.

Also be sure to check out our best weighted vests and best workout equipment posts to elevate your fitness even more.

Have you tried using a pull-up assist band? What was your experience?

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