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5 Best Meditation Chairs For Back Support

When you’re meditating, the last thing you want is to worry about your posture. If you’re not sitting in the right position, you can end up with a lot of pain in your back and neck. That’s why it’s important to find the best meditation chair for back support.

Something to look for in a meditation chair is something that will allow you to sit with a straight back.

Also, something that is very comfortable and won’t make your legs fall asleep.

There are a lot of different meditation chairs on the market, so to help you find the perfect chair for your practice, I’ve put together a list of the five best meditation chairs on the market.

What Is The Best Meditation Chair?

Here are five of the best picks to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

1. Serenity Meditation Chair

This simple, Zen-like meditation chair is good for those who can’t sit on a floor or want a very comfortable seating position for their everyday meditations

Another great benefit is this armless feature of the chair which gives you the maximum amount of freedom to move. 

This meditation chair is also very lightweight, making it easier for carrying to retreats.


  • The straight back enables you to sit upright and be comfortable
  • Low to the ground which is great for crossing your legs
  • Made from natural products 
  • Comes fully assembled


  • The back pillow may be too thick for some
  • The bottom pad could use more cushion
  • The bottom meditation cushion should be a bit longer

Price: $399 

Overall, this chair would work great for people who are looking for a safe space to relax and embrace their daily meditation. If you meditate for hours everyday and need a comfy, high quality chair to sit in, this would be a top pick.

2. Elevation Meditation Chair

This chair’s design allows you the opportunity to meditate comfortably for any length of time. 

Weighing at only 13lbs, this meditation chair can be very portable, helping you to build great meditation posture at home or at meditation retreats

It also has some low back support built into the frame which allows you to sit in an upright position without being slumped over. 


  • Made of all-natural bentwood bamboo and rattan
  • 100% cotton covers remove for washing
  • Soft, organic cushion filling from tropical kapok trees
  • Provides light back support and unique leg support
  • Has a cushioned spot for your feet


  • Back of the chair is pretty low, so if you’re looking for full back support this may not work for you

Price: $379

3. BackJack Chair

If you meditate on the go or overall, just looking for something a bit more portable but still comfortable, this meditation chair may be beneficial for you. 

It has a lightweight metal-framed seat that offers back support during meditation or while relaxing on the floor.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Metal frame is very sturdy
  • Heavy cotton fabric cover which makes the chair comfortable
  • Very affordable option for people just beginning their meditation journey
  • Comes in various colors


  • You will need to assemble this chair
  • It’s not the best looking but still a great chair for its use

Price: $59.99 – $64.99 

These chairs come in either original or folding. If you’d like the foldable option, it’s an extra $5 which is very reasonable if you’d like to save space for storage and travel. 

Overall, I think this is a great option for those on a budget looking for a good chair to use for their practice everyday instead of having to sit on the floor. 

4. Latitude Meditation Chair

Very stylish, portable meditation chair. It has multiple positions so it’s flexible for you to get the chair to whatever comfortable position you desire. 


  • Durable interior locking mechanism – This makes this meditation chair easy to be positioned at five comfortable angles – from fully reclined to upright. 
  • Sturdy back support
  • Easy to travel and store for small spaces


  • Cushion isn’t the biggest – so if you’re looking for some extra cushion this may not be it.

Price: $193.99

This is a great chair for back support and traveling. If you’re just starting out with your meditation practice, and you’re not looking for something crazy expensive, but still nice and comfortable, this would be a great choice. 

5. Raja Meditation Chair

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, this is a great option. The most significant difference between this and the Serenity Meditation chair is the addition of short stylish arms that add a certain solid stature to the piece.

The name “Raja” comes from the Sanskrit meaning “Royalty”. So you may find this chair to be a royal addition to your meditation room. 

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  • Arms are perfect for ease of getting down and up if you need some extra support
  • Cushions have the perfect amount of firmness
  • Fits great in small spaces
  • Supports perfect posture
  • Comfortable for both extended and crossed legged positions


  • It’s a bit pricey, however the quality of this chair will last a very long time.

Price: $479

Overall, I think this chair is well worth the money. If you’re looking for comfort, style and quality that is good for supporting proper meditation postures, this is a great choice. 

How To Choose A Meditation Chair?

Now that we’ve gone over five great meditation chairs, it’s time to help you figure out which one is the best for you and your practice. 

There are a few things you want to take into consideration when choosing a meditation chair: 

  • How much space do you have to store the chair?
  • Do you plan on traveling with the chair or is it staying in one spot?
  • What is your budget for a meditation chair?
  • Do you need extra support for your back or legs? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start to narrow down which chair will work best for you and your practice. 

Is A Meditation Chair Worth It?

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of meditation chairs and how to choose one, you may be wondering if a meditation chair is even worth it. 

I think a meditation chair is definitely worth it, especially if you find yourself struggling to sit comfortably on the floor for long periods of time. 

A meditation chair can also help with your posture and alignment during your practice. 

Choosing a meditation chair is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer. Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for you. 

If you’re looking for a little bit of extra support and comfort during your meditation, I would definitely recommend investing in a good meditation chair. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the best meditation chair.

But I hope this list has given you a better idea of what’s out there and what to look for. 

Do you have a favorite meditation chair? Let me know in the comments below!

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