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9 Daily Confidence Building Exercises To Boost Your Self Esteem

These confidence building exercises and habits are a great way to boost self esteem.

Confidence is an essential quality for personal and professional success, but building your confidence takes time.

It’s sort of like a drip-feed process that starts with little things you do every day.

Habits have a way of repeating themselves, so try your best to get into good ones as soon as possible and you’ll be off to a great start.

In today’s post, we’ll explore 9 daily habits to help boost your confidence.

Photo by Laura Garcia from Pexels

Confidence Building Exercises and Habits To Practice Everyday

1. Start Each Day With A Good Night’s Rest and Wake Up Ready For Action

Start things off by getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re rested, your confidence is better and it will show in the way you carry yourself.

Ever have those days when you keep hitting snooze on the alarm clock until you get to the point where you just want to throw it out the window?

How does your day turn out when you get up late and run out of the door in a rush?

On the other hand, what about when you start your day off calmly and peacefully? You get out of bed at a decent hour, you got some energy and you’re just taking things as they come throughout the day.

People who are confident in their abilities enjoy life so much that they don’t want to waste a second of it.

You’ve got 168 hours in a week, and you’ll probably spend around a third of them sleeping. How you decide to spend the remaining two-thirds of each day is entirely up to you.

Start your day “on the front foot,” as the saying goes, and you won’t spend the rest of it trying to catch up with yourself attempting to start off on the right foot.

2. Put Your Favorite Pair of Sunglasses On…no seriously, do it.

confidence building exercises

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Imagine if woke up this morning and put on a pair of rose-colored sunglasses. You’d be traveling through your day armed with a warm, healthy glow.

Everybody and everything you see would take on a pinky hue. If you think about it, everyday, you do put on a pair of sunglasses. They act as a filter through which you perceive the world.

You just may not be aware of the type of filter you’ve chosen. By consciously choosing your sunglasses for the day, you decide how to frame your experiences for that given day.

You have a choice as to rather the day will be vibrant and memorable, full of fascinating events, or a series of conflicts to be fought and battled with.

Your experience begins in your own head. So, as you start each day, decide which sort of glasses you’re wearing.

Here are some examples:

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  • My glasses for today will savor and live each moment to the fullest.
  • My glasses for today looks for the best in any given situation.
  • My glasses for today finds the humor in unlikely situations and people .
  • My glasses for today enjoys the sounds, aromas, and tastes of everything around me. 

3. Keep track of your emotions and moods.

Do you have a good handle on your emotional well-being? Do you know how you feel and how others might be affected by it? Emotionally intelligent individuals have a high level of awareness and are in tuned with their emotions and the effects they have on others.

Do a self check throughout the day and start to notice what’s going on inside you. When do you feel at your best, and when are you not?

How can you tell what you’re experiencing – what are the telltale signals in your body?

How can other people around you tell what you’re thinking? Is it written on your face or through the tone of your voice or by how you act? By keeping track of your moods, you’re able to gauge where you’re at in case you need to change course.

4. Get a good workout in.

confidence building exercises

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It seems strange, but you can literally go to the gym feeling tired and unmotivated. But then, after you’re done exercising, you walk away feeling more energized than ever.

Why is that?

Your brain loves exercise. In recent years, researchers have challenged the long-held belief that you are born with a set number of neurons and cannot create any more throughout your lifetime.

Even adults can even develop new brain cells by exercising, according to studies. The good news of it all is that working out doesn’t have to be crazy or difficult.

A 30 minute walk each day can increase your ability to learn, concentrate, and think.

Senior citizens who walk regularly do better on memory tests than those who typically spend more time sitting around. Ain’t that something!

Find a type of exercise that you would enjoy and do it regularly.

Enjoying these confidence building exercises? Be sure to also check out self growth quotes to help elevate your confidence to another level.

5. Take some alone time in silence.

How do you feel about the power of silence? Taking a few minutes to sit quietly alone may be an enlightening experience if you’re used to being on the go and spending time around people all day everyday.

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Try this for a few minutes everyday:

  • Turning off your phone, your door bell, your computer, Netflix, and any other distractions you may have.

Go someplace where no one and nothing can distract you. Sit there alone for about ten minutes without speaking or being disrupted. Allow yourself to daydream while your mind is free of internal noise and activity. Simply empty your thoughts, embrace the silence, and let your creativity flourish.

6. Take a walk outside and appreciate the beauty of the sky.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Remember, there’s a whole world beyond your doorstep. Take time to pause and appreciate the natural world, the passing of the seasons, and the changing patterns in the sky every day.

Notice how you’re a part of something much bigger than yourself and the environment around you. Appreciate all of it’s beauty. Even if you live in a big city, it’s free and enjoyable to walk barefoot in the park.

7. Be generous.

Whatever you contribute to the world has a tendency to return to you in one form or another. People who are confident act from a place of generosity and abundance.

They give what they can whenever they can, whether it’s their time, talent, money, energy, or love.

Aim to help others and remember to care for yourself as well. Your kindness helps to develop your mind and attracts good people into your life.

8. Take a note of today in order to plan for a better tomorrow.

confidence building exercises

Every evening, reflect on the events of the day and how you felt about them. Perhaps the day went as planned but you didn’t accomplish as much as you had hoped.

You might be able to take advantage of your experiences; perhaps you give yourself too much to do every night.

Before you go to sleep, make a list of the top five things you want to accomplish tomorrow.

They can be anything you want them to be, but make sure they’re the most important things and are in line with your values.

While you’re sleep, your unconscious mind is already formulating plans for how you might accomplish them.

Take your list and figure out how to fit the items and activities into your day before you get out of bed in the morning.

If it appears that there won’t be enough time, start with the most important and leave out the least important task.

You’ve now got a day’s itinerary that should keep you on track.

9. Find your purpose.

If you were to ask yourself right now ‘Why am I alive? What’s my life about?’ you may not have an answer right away.

However if you spend some time going a bit deeper, you’d soon arrive at something along the lines of:

  • ‘I want to make a difference.’
  • ‘I want to make the world a better place.’
  • ‘I want to create love, joy, magic, harmony, peace,’ and so on.
  • I want to be an example to others. I want to live a good life.’

But you shouldn’t stop there. These are just surface reasons. You’d need to continue to dig deeper.

What you do with your life is based on the significance you assign to what happens to you every day, year after year.

This meaning explains why your perception of confidence is so much different from the person next to you.

Will you use these confidence building exercises in your day to day?

Always remember that no one can provide you with the confidence pill to make everything wonderful for you. You must develop your own self-confidence.

Accepting that you are responsible for your own path allows you to have greater clarity and freedom, as well as the confidence to be yourself and do what is best for you.

As you navigate through each day, keep the bigger picture of your life in mind and make sure everything you’re doing now is in line with your overall vision you have for yourself.

Then you can simply enjoy being alive while knowing that you are being your most confident self.

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