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David Goggins Quotes: Most Inspiring Words From the World’s Toughest Man

Looking for the best David Goggins quotes? David is an inspiration to many. His life story is one of pain, suffering, and overcoming all odds in order to achieve success.

He has starred on shows such as Oprah and 60 minutes for his impressive achievements of endurance and strength.

In this post we will be highlighting some of his best quotes that you can use to inspire yourself or help others find motivation!

David Goggins quotes for motivation

“I want you to understand that the will is what makes things happen in life. It’s not about talent, it’s not about luck -it’s all on your attitude.” – David Goggins

“If I’m quitting then who am I? What have I done?” You are a winner no matter how many times you lose.” – David Goggins

david goggins quotes for motivation

“The beauty of life is in the struggle.” – David Goggins

“I am a World Champion because I was willing to outwork, out hustle and outperform everyone. That’s what it takes: hard work!” – David Goggins

“When you wake up tomorrow morning, every hardship or challenge that you’re facing now will seem insignificant compared with what we have coming for us.” David Goggins 

“If you can get through doing the things you hate to do, on the other side is greatness.” – David Goggins

“It’s so easy to be great nowadays because everyone else is weak.” – David Goggins

“Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But its what you do at that moment that determines who you are.” – David Goggins

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when its convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” – David Goggins

“Hard work beats talent every time!” – David Goggins

“The secret of life is not to stop dreaming; even when people tell me ‘no’ or say my dreams will never come true.” – David Goggins

“I never said it was going to be easy, I just promised it will be worth it.” – David Goggins

“People always talk about having a good work ethic. But what does that mean? It means nothing without the passion for whatever you’re working on.”- David Goggins

“You can’t quit when things get hard. You have to find another way and keep pushing until you reach your goal.” – David Goggins

“If there’s anyone out there who is afraid of failing, don’t worry: We all suck at first; we learn from our mistakes and become better than before because of them.” – David Goggins

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“It’s time to go to war with yourself.” – David Goggins

“You must work whether you feel like working or not. You have to do what needs to be done no matter how tired you are.” – David Goggins

“If it’s easy, everybody would do it.”- David Goggins

“It doesn’t matter if you’re fat and ugly as hell, because there is somebody somewhere with a bigger story than your own.” – David Goggins

“The only time I can fail is when I quit trying.” – David Goggins

David Goggins quotes about pain

“Pain is temporary: if I can survive that then there are better days coming.” -David Goggins

“Pain is temporary; glory lasts forever.” – David Goggins

“Suffering is the true test of life.” – David Goggins

“Pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever.” – David Goggins

“There’s no such thing as good pain or bad pain. Pain is just the natural response of your body to anything that you’ve put it through.” – David Goggins

“Pain and suffering are a way for our bodies to know we’re alive.” – David Goggins 

“When people tell me I can’t do something, it only makes me want to try even harder.” – David Goggins”

“We all have the ability to come from nothing to something.” – David Goggins

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“Hurt is a natural part of life, and each time we experience the hurt, it makes us stronger.” – David Goggins

“Pain isn’t permanent. It’s just an illusion that doesn’t last forever.”- David Goggins

“I think pain is necessary because if you never experienced any type of physical or emotional pain in your life, then how could you appreciate happiness?” – David Goggins

“If I can survive all this stuff and still live with hope for good things to come then what else am I capable of? What other thing might be possible?” – David Goggins

“It wasn’t until the moment when my body couldn’t take another step forward that I realized there was a force much greater than me.” – David Goggins

“There are two types of pain: the physical and the emotional. The former, I can take. It’s his second type that will kill me if it continues to grow inside me.” – David Goggins 

“We have these moments when we’re at our lowest point, and in those moments you just need something to tell yourself so you can keep going on.” – David Goggins

“I’m just telling people that if they want something bad enough, then don’t let anything or anyone get in their way of getting what they want.” – David Goggins

“It might sound weird, but I like pain because when there’s physical pain I know the emotional part will be short-lived. And sometimes a lot of times, all we need to do is look at our emotions and ask ourselves: ‘which problem would we rather deal with?'” David Goggins

“The only thing stopping me from being great was myself.” – David Goggins 

“I don’t want to do what everybody else does. I want to make a difference.” – David Goggins

“It’s much easier to get through one day at a time than it is trying to think about 30 years down the road. We’ve got enough problems right now, let alone in 30-years from now. Let’s just take care of today and tomorrow will work itself out.” – David Goggins

“If you’re going through hell, keep going!” – David Goggins

“The worst thing you can be is average.” – David Goggins 

David Goggins quotes on success

“Success is my goal, but to win the game you have to face your fears.” – David Goggins

david goggins quotes on success

“If it’s a choice between being liked and respected or feared, I’ll take feared every time.” – David Goggins

“In order to feel successful in life I only needs one thing: To die knowing that I gave everything I had on earth”. – David Goggins

“Achieving success means putting yourself out there when people tell you not to because of fear.” David Goggins 

“You’ve got to be comfortable with rejection.” – David Goggins

“I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be better than the day before.” – David Goggins

“If you can find a way of life where your work is also your play, then every time you have an obstacle in front of you it’s like climbing Mount Everest and that makes the climb easier”. – David Goggins

“There are two things I care about: One is living for God and one is making my wife happy.”- David Goggins

“We all need small sparks, small accomplishments in our lives to fuel the big ones…because its the small sparks, which start small fires, that eventually build enough heat to burn the whole f***ing forest down.” – David Goggins

“The first day I ran, my body would not stop shaking. My legs felt like they were made of Jell-O.” – David Goggins

“To succeed in the most difficult thing a human being can ever attempt while alive: living life on your own terms.” – David Goggins

“Every time something happened that was so painful it could have broken me, I said these words under my breath: ‘Just keep going.” – David Goggins

“You are stronger than anything you’ve gone through up until this point. That’s how we get here.” – David Goggins

“We’re either getting better or we’re getting worse.” – David Goggins

david goggins quotes about pain

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s your own thoughts.” – David Goggins

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body. That was my mantra.” – David Goggins

“The mind will always find a way to justify continuing in its unproductive patterns. If we allow this then we’re going to be miserable for the rest of our lives.” – David Goggins

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.” – David Goggins

“Your body can’t be in pain and your mind happy at the same time. That’s a myth.” – David Goggins

“I was always taught to value myself, so I made up my own rules for what that meant: If you’re going to do something – give it everything you have; if someone is asking for help – offer them the shirt off of your back.” – David Goggins

“The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is how a person reacts when they get knocked down over and over again. A true champion knows how to get back up from being knocked down every single time!” – David Goggins

“The human body can withstand and accomplish a hell of a lot more than most of us think possible and that it all begins and ends in the mind.” – David Goggins

“The mind is the most powerful tool on Earth. It can overcome anything.” – David Goggins

“If you are going to do something, then commit 100% of who and what you are or don’t bother doing it at all.”- David Goggins

“In life we always get dealt a hand from which we must play with no guarantees that there will be a winner in the end. All I know for sure is this: The more chances taken, the stronger our souls become; and when two people want each other enough – they’ll find their way together!” – David Goggins

“I’m not a superhero. I’ve just been in some really tough situations and learned how to survive.” – David Goggins

“It’s all about taking the first step, then making it happen!”- David Goggins quotes

“The only thing that can change your life is you.” – David Goggins

“Always remember that once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.” – David Goggins

“Life is going to hit us with what we’re not expecting every day; so be ready for anything.” -David Goggins

“From the time you take your first breath, you become eligible to die. You also become eligible to find your greatness and become the one warrior.” – David Goggins

“If you want to be a leader, then lead. If you want to live by example, then set one. Just don’t expect others to do something for you if there is no benefit in it for them.” – David Goggins

“My favorite number is infinity. It’s the only thing that would make life worth living.” – David Goggins

“You’re not a quitter. You just have an inner voice that’s telling you to quit.” – David Goggins

“In this life, we cannot control the height of our mountains but we can decide what gear to use when crossing them.” -David Goggins

“I’m either going home with my chin up or on my back with it pointed at the sky and I’ll die happy if I know in my heart that I did everything possible within me while living.” – David Goggins

“If your goal is success as defined by others then do not bother starting out because they will always be dissatisfied no matter how much time and energy you put into their goals for you.” – David Goggins

David Goggins is a Navy SEAL who has completed some of the most difficult physical endurance tests in military history.

He’s an American hero and one of the toughest men on Earth.

David’s philosophy is to “do the things you’re afraid of so that those fears don’t hold you hostage.”

He challenges himself and others just by being alive. Goggins has completed a 700-mile run, 17 marathons in 18 days, an Ironman Triathlon with less than nine hours sleep over four days — all while raising money for wounded service members.

His quotes are as motivating, thought-provoking, and self-aware as he is.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favorite David Goggins quotes! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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