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3 Major Keys To Finding Your Inner Personal Power

Personal power is the driving force behind making changes in your life. Whether you’re looking for a new job, starting a new business, training for a marathon or seeking a promotion at work, personal power is key to achieving success.

We are all born with a certain level of natural power. We might not be aware or fully understand it, but we all have the ability to tap into our inner personal power.

So how can you tap into your personal power?

You can tap into personal power by recognizing the personal qualities that make you unique, celebrating these personal strengths and doing work that truly feels aligned with your passions.

Recognizing what inspires personal power in yourself is the most liberating step you can take to experiencing personal fulfillment in both your career and personal life.

Robert Emmons is a Professor of Psychology, whose research looks specifically at gratitude. He says this about personal power:

“Your emotional life determines who you are far more than anything else, so if feeling good tells us who we want to be, then feeling bad tells us who we think we are already.”

Feeling ungrateful puts us downstream of our own best qualities; it enables self-criticism and despair.

What you bring to the table is really up to you. And personal power is all about recognizing personal qualities and using them to create personal fulfillment.

The 3 Major Keys of Personal Power

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1- Demonstrating Self-less Love and Validation

If you want to start seeing real personal power in your life, you need to start lifting other people up instead of pushing them down. Don’t minimize people.

Begin to give other people love and validation without ever needing it back.

As one of my mentors Brendon Burchard says, one of the greatest acts of human courage is to open yourself up, demonstrate exactly who you are, do exactly what you desire in life without the need of power. Without the need of validation or love.

Doing it for the sake of just doing it. For the journey, not the outcome.

That’s extraordinary power.

2- Choosing Your Own Aims, Attitude and Action

Those who need power over people, are often the weakest of the bunch. Doesn’t mean they don’t do bad things or take over other people.

True personal power is the ability to consciously choose your own aims, attitude and actions.

When you can choose to have a positive attitude, no matter the chaos or the situation, that’s personal power.

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When you have the ability to control your actions, no matter what’s going on in your life, that’s personal power.

Having the ability to wield yourself into thinking, feeling or doing something, that’s real personal power. And when you can do it, with a positive bend towards humans, towards others, that’s leadership.

3- Having A Conscious Demonstration Of Your Best-Self

When you can mobilize yourself to put more goodness back into the world, you’ve got power.

Being your best self, is the greatest personal power ever. If you want to evaluate yourself off that, ask these 2 questions:

  1. “Am I taking control of my life or am I not?”
  2. “Am I living the life I imagined for myself or am I not?”

Brendon Burchard said this best, he says, when you are not doing these things, then this frame of mind makes us feel bad, guilty, and sad, because when you’re not, you aren’t in a place of Agency. Meaning you are not the controlling Agent of your life.

If you have a low level of agency in your life, it means you have a low level of personal power or control.

A high level means that you take command. It means that you are owning your reality and that you are making yourself accountable and responsible for your own decisions in life.

You want to see, have, and feel personal power, then demonstrate it based on who you are.

Be yourself and hold yourself accountable to positive emotions, thoughts and actions.

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing at times in your life, business or career, you have the power to control your thoughts, behaviors, and your attitude in order to improve the things you are doing so that you can get to the next level in life.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

5 Ways To Start Developing Your Own Personal Power

1. The first step is getting really clear about who you are. What do you want and value and why? What do you need in order for life to be meaningful to you personally? From there, decide where the most important changes might be worth making.

2. Be authentic and true to who you are. Unlimited power comes when you are connected to your personal truth. Being authentic is one of the most powerful things you can do in life.

3. Take personal responsibility. What are the things you need to take responsibility for?

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4. Be grateful and express it. Gratitude is power. When we notice things to be grateful for in our life, we feel alive and in flow. Our personal energy flows out of us.

5. Be committed to personal growth. When we are committed to personal growth, personal power will thrive. You can do this by finding mentors or reading personal development books.

Personal power is a journey, not a destination.

Now that you have explored the 3 keys to finding your inner power, it’s time for you to take action!

You can start by defining what being powerful means to YOU. What are things that make you feel like a strong person?

Once you’ve identified these qualities in yourself, focus on getting more of them into your life.

You should also connect with others who share this sense of empowerment and try new experiences which can help foster your sense of self-worth.

As long as we’re willing to put in an effort, there is nothing holding us back from our own realization that we ARE capable and worthy individuals!

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