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Jasper AI Pricing 2022: Picking The Best Plan For Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the best Jasper AI plans, there are a few factors to consider.

In today’s post, I’ll outline the different Jasper AI pricing options, what comes included in each plan, and how to upgrade or downgrade your plan mid-month if needed.

We’ll also highlight some frequently asked questions about the Jasper AI pricing plans.

So whether you’re just getting started with Jasper AI or you’re looking to switch up your current plan, check out the options below.

Jasper AI Pricing 2022

As of writing this post, Jasper AI has three pricing plans.

Choosing the right plan would really depend on your budget, how many people will be using Jasper AI, and what kind of content you’ll be needing.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get a 5-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee so you can explore the features and benefits of each one before committing to anything.

Overview Of What Jasper AI Has To Offer

I’m going to highlight the key components of what Jasper AI offers, then I’ll break down what features each plan entails.

A quick explanation of each component of Jasper AI’s plans is:

  • Words each month: The number of words you can generate with Jasper AI per month.
  • User logins: The number of people who can have access to your Jasper AI account.
  • Writing Length: The number of words that Jasper AI can generate for you each time.
  • Input Length: The number of words that you can input into Jasper AI for it to generate content. The more concise, the better output you’ll receive.
  • 50+ Templates: The number of content templates that you have access to. In my Jasper AI Review, I explain what these templates are.
  • 25+ Languages: The number of languages that Jasper AI can generate content in.
  • Documents: The ability to write, edit, and format your content in Jasper AI.
  • Jasper Commands: The ability to tell Jasper AI what to write. For example: “Write an ad headline for neon green shoestrings”.
  • SEO Mode: Identify the keywords you’ll need to optimize your content to rank in Google with SurferSEO. SurferSEO is an add-on for Jasper AI.
  • Recipes: Run repeatable instructions for Jasper to follow.
  • Grammarly Basic Integration: Help improve your grammar and fix spelling mistakes.
  • Plagiarism Checker Access: Checks your content against Copyscape to help ensure originality. This is an additional add-on.
  • Content Search: Quickly find content that you or Jasper wrote.
  • Auto-Save: All your changes are automatically saved as you generate content.
  • Project Folders: Stay organized by grouping your projects into folders.
  • Revision History: See previous versions of your documents and even restore them if needed.
  • Favorite Outputs: Ability to save outputs that Jasper wrote to your favorites folder.
  • Support access: Get online support from the team in Austin, Texas.
  • Jasper Community: Access to Jasper’s active and lively community with over 60,000 members on Facebook
  • Get Jasper Certified: Prove your new skills in using Jasper to create great content and receive a certificate and badge for your Linkedin profile.
  • Onboarding: Join the live, weekly calls with co-founder Chris Hull and have all your questions answered.
  • Weekly Job Board Posts: Every Friday, get access to post your content projects and find writers who use Jasper.
  • Training Bootcamp: Learn best practices of how to use Jasper in their 45-minute free course.

So How Much Is Jasper AI and What Comes Included In Each?

Jasper AI has 3 different plans:

  • Starter
  • Boss Mode
  • Business

Each plan has its own tiers of pricing and word count levels.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the cost of Jasper AI for each plan.


The Starter plan is Jasper AI’s more affordable option. It’s great if you’re just getting started and want to use Jasper mainly for things like social media, improving existing content, ads, or product descriptions.

There are currently 9 tiers of pricing with the starter plan. The main factor in the different tiers of pricing would depend on the number of words you need each month.

So when choosing a tier within the starter plan, you would just select the number of words you’ll think you need to use.

The base plan in Starter comes with 20,000 words per month and access for up to 5 users.

The features included in the Starter plan are:

  • 20,000 words per month
  • Short Copywriting for the writing length
  • Good Context as the input length
  • 50+ AI Templates
  • Support for 25+ Languages
  • Content Search
  • Favorite Outputs
  • Auto-Save
  • Email support
  • Live Group Video Calls
  • Jasper Community
  • Weekly Job Board Posts
  • Training Bootcamp

The price starts at $29 per month or $24 per month if you pay annually.

You can sign up for the Starter plan here and get 10,000 free words to use.

Boss Mode

The Boss Mode plan is Jasper AI’s most popular option and is perfect if you need more content and features than what the Starter plan offers.

So if you’re a blogger or content marketer, this may be a good plan to choose.

There are 4 tiers of pricing with Boss mode, so depending on the number of words you need would depend on the Jasper AI price.

With Boss Mode, the features you’ll get access to include:

  • 50,000 Words per month
  • Up to 5 users
  • Long form Content for writing length
  • Great Context for various inputs
  • Google Docs style editor
  • Maximum content lookback
  • Increased Limits on Templates
  • 25+ Languages
  • Documents
  • Jasper Commands
  • SEO Mode
  • Recipes
  • Plagiarism Checker Access
  • New Bonus! Grammarly
  • Content Search
  • Favorite Outputs
  • Auto-Save
  • Revision History
  • Priority support – 3X Faster Response Time
  • Live Group Video Calls
  • Jasper Community
  • Weekly Job Board Posts
  • Training Bootcamp
  • Get Jasper Certified

The base Boss Mode pricing plan starts at $59 per month for a monthly subscription. If you pay annually, the cost of Jasper AI breaks down to $49 per month.

Try Jasper Boss Mode plan and get 10,000 words free as a bonus.


The Jasper AI business plan is primarily for content teams and bigger companies who need lots of content each month.

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If you’re an agency or have a team of content creators, then this may be the right plan for you.

With this plan, the cost would vary depending on the number of word/user packages you would need.

The features of this business plan include:

  • Custom words/user packages
  • Manage limits per user
  • Flexible billing options
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Onboarding & training sessions
  • Premium technical support

If you’re interested in the Business plan you can request a demo directly from the pricing page.

Jasper AI Price Chart

If you’re a visual person like me, here’s a glimpse of Jasper AI cost chart that is on their website.

The Pros and Cons of Using Jasper AI


  • You can get started with 10,000 free words
  • There is a training boot camp to help you learn how to use Jasper along with a ton of other resources, including the community
  • You can use Jasper for a variety of content types
  • Plans to fit any budget


  • Can start to repeat words at a certain point if you’re not giving the context that it needs
  • You will need to fact-check some of the information Jasper provides if you’re not familiar with the topic

Although Jasper AI won’t replace human writers completely, it is a great tool that can help you create content faster and more efficiently.

FAQs about Jasper AI Pricing Plans

What if I hit my word limit?

You can upgrade to the next tier or you can wait until your credits renew on the next billing cycle.

Does Jasper AI have a refund policy?

Yep they do. They have a 5 day money back guarantee, so in the event you’re not satisfied, you can send them an email and they will get you taken care of.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you’re not locked into anything. You can log in to your account at anytime to cancel if you find that Jasper AI doesn’t suit your needs.

How do I know which Jasper AI plan is right for me?

This would depend on your individual goals and plans of what you’re working on and how much content you need to create. You can always start with the base Starter plan and then upgrade as you need.

Final thoughts on Jasper AI

The team at Jasper is always working on new features and updates to improve the user experience and Jasper AI’s pricing does change occasionally to better meet the needs of customers.

As of now, the best way to get started with Jasper AI is by choosing a plan that’s best for you at the present of what you are working on.

Just for creating an account, you’ll get 10,000 free words as a bonus and access to all of the features that come with the plan you choose.

If you find that you need more content than what’s included in your monthly word count, you can always upgrade to the next tier or plan at any time.

The most important thing is to get started and see how Jasper AI can help you with your content needs.

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